White Smoke Smart Switch Button

smart switch button

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1. Any rocker switch and button suitable for any electrical appliance makes any stupid device instantly smart.
2. Simple setup, install in 3 seconds, just stick it next to the button and switch, no tools required.
3. With the additional components in the box, the rocker switch can flip in two directions, push or pull a switch, and the robot operates.
4. Automatic setting, put it on the coffee maker or light switch, and set a schedule to turn it on or off automatically.

Product size: 45 * 35 * 25MM / / 1.77 * 1.38 * 0.98 "
Power supply: lithium battery 3.7V 360mah
Bluetooth: 4.0 or more
Compatibility: for Android 6.1 and later, IOS 8.0 and later
Package Content:

1x Smart Switch Button